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A Message From Your Board of Education

Dear Residents,

Haven’t we all at some time or another been cautioned not to relish the sense of pride?  Hasn’t it been said that pride comes before a fall? Among several definitions of the word, Webster’s lists “a state of holding oneself or another in high esteem” or “to indulge in feelings of self satisfaction.”  The connotation of these meanings is often negative.  I must confess that as a member of the Board for 13+ years I feel enormous pride in our school district.  My pride takes its positive tone for many reasons.  Since the formation of the Fire Island School District in 1918, the focus has always been on the children living in this unique environment.  At the Fire Island School, individualized instruction is not merely a catch phrase.  It is a reality.  Teachers are supported with continuous professional development in a collaborative setting in order to provide high quality educational opportunities for our children.  District operations have been refined; our finances and business practices are open to public scrutiny.  Budgets are developed with student education as a priority, but responsibility to the community at large is not forgotten.  My sense of pride swells most of all because our young people are actively engaged in their education.  They are learning to critically formulate and convey their own ideas about the world they live in.  They move on to secondary school and flourish there.  The list of colleges they attend is impressive.  How can I not feel pride?  There are so many things to love about Fire Island, and our school is one of them!

Best Wishes,
Jay Lippert, Board President