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  • Maintain a high quality, rigorous instruction program aimed at critical thinking, and improvement of overall reading and math comprehension.
  • Support ongoing integration of Social and Emotional Learning Skills
  • Continue to provide professional development for teaching staff to promote an ongoing collaborative learning community.
  • Continue the non-resident student enrollment program to ensure a vibrant student population
  • Remain current in school governance issues by attending professional development workshops and programs.
  • Begin the search/selection process for anticipated administrative vacancies.


Stewardship of District Resources

  • Maintain and improve the integrity of District facilities to ensure a safe physical environment for students, staff, parents and other visitors.
  • Acquire and upgrade technologies that enhance learning and protect users of said technologies.


Community Relations

  • Continue to maintain open communication with all District stakeholders
  • Work with community stakeholders and organizations to build a year-round community
  • Encourage public attendance at all meetings and events



  • Implement a sustainable budget strategy that maintains reserves at allowable levels, optimizes the use of short term resources to improve student achievement, and increases operational efficiency while reducing long term capital needs.
  • Establish a new Capital Reserve Fund to continue saving for future capital expenditures