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What is Smart Music?

Upon agreeing to the terms of service and user agreement, Fire Island students in grades 4 and up may receive a SmartMusic account and a school iPad with the app pre-installed (SmartMusic may also be downloaded and installed for free on any desktop or laptop computer at home). The iPad, which will be set up with SmartMusic as the only app, may be kept at home for the duration of the school year.

SmartMusic functions as an interactive lesson book, with students able to receive assignments from the music teacher throughout the week, submit audio recordings of their performances to the teacher, and receive written feedback from the teacher in between lessons. The app is able to show students the accuracy of the pitches and rhythms they are playing and makes it easy to identify note names and fingerings. The student can control settings like the speed, the section being practiced, and whether to hear the beat, their part, and/or accompaniments as they play.

Download Smart Music