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Instructional Support Services

Special Education


A student can be referred to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) by either a parent or the RtI team in the Fire Island School District. The process for referring to the CSE, determining the need for special education services and implementing special services follows Part 200 of the New York State Guidelines for Special Education and are as follows:

1. A written statement is required by the parent or the educational team stating the reasons for concern.

2. Signed parental consent is required if it is determined that the evaluation process will move forward.

3. Subsequent to parental consent, the student will be administered a battery of tests within 60 days of signed consent from the parent. This battery will include cognitive testing, academic/achievement testing, fine-motor testing, behavioral and/or adaptive skills assessment and social history information obtained from the parents.

4. This information is then presented with the parents to the Fire Island Committee on Special Education and the need for special education services are determined by the committee. Special education services may include counseling, both group and/or individual, speech and language therapy, both group and/or individual and resource room, both pull-out and/or push-in to the classroom setting.

5. Student progress is monitored on a regular basis and the parent receives progress reports on a triennial basis.