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Instructional Support Services

Counseling Support

Tina Hannel
School Psychologist MS, LBA

Counseling support is available as a resource to both students and their families in the Fire Island School District. A student can be referred for counseling support by a parent or by the student support team at school. The parent will be required to sign consent to conduct a screening which involves a parent and teacher rating scale specific to the question at hand. A brief student interview will also be conducted and, if appropriate, the student will be asked to complete a self-report scale as well. The need for counseling support is determined based on the results from the aforementioned scales, interviews and student observations. If warranted, signed parental consent is required before counseling support services begin.

Parent support is also available as it pertains to their child on an individual, one-time basis or on a weekly scheduled basis. Parents have the opportunity to discuss and learn about their child's challenges as it relates to learning, behavior management, social-emotional development and/or social interactions with people in their home and school environments.