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Invention Convention

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Woodhull School first and second grade students were challenged to devise inventions that can streamline their daily routines or invent entirely new devices never formerly imagined.

After realizing their ideas, the students first sketched a blueprint, followed by descriptions on how to use their product. All the information, from idea to final outcome, were placed on a poster board for peers to read.

One student created a “Glarf,” a scarf/glove hybrid to keep someone warm but preventing the wearer from losing it on the way to school. There was a newly designed book holder, the Calm Cuddler to promote snuggling, a three-way toothbrush to tackle nooks and crannies, a cheaper and efficient bamboo fishing pole and a newly designed adjustable step ramp. The new “Starface” was also a device that holds a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hairspray and nail clippers together to get ready for the day faster.

The students’ inventive creations offered unique and thought-provoking perspectives.

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Date Added: 4/29/2024