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Exploring the Halls of Justice

Woodhull Elementary School fifth and sixth grade students. thumbnail256092

Woodhull Elementary School fifth and sixth grade students embarked on an exciting and educational field trip to the U.S. District Court. Where they had the unique opportunity to explore Magistrate Judge James M. Wicks’ courtroom in the Eastern District of New York. As they stepped into the solemn halls of justice, the students were captivated by the grandeur of the courtroom and the significance of the proceedings that take place within its walls.

The highlight of the trip was an invitation for the students to attend a naturalization ceremony, where they sat in the jury box and played a special role in leading the Pledge of Allegiance before a group of 125 people from 36 countries, who were there to become U.S. citizens. It was a moment of pride and patriotism for the students as they stood alongside the new citizens as they stated the official oath during this important tradition.

Following the ceremony, Judge Wicks graciously spent time speaking with the students, sharing insights into the workings of the courts and the role of judges in upholding the law.

A visit from a U.S. Marshall added to the excitement as students learned that the U.S. Marshall Service protects judges, jurors and court workers in the courtroom. This specific marshal, coincidently, ran two miles from the Fire Island Lighthouse that day in his gear.

Additionally, the students had the unique opportunity to participate in a mock trial of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in front of Woodhull’s “Honorable Judge Harrison.” This hands-on experience allowed the students to gain insight into the legal process and develop important critical thinking and public speaking skills as students played the roles of attorneys and witnesses. To further deepen their understanding, the students also visited the jail where they learned about the consequences of breaking the law and the importance of respecting rules and regulations in our society.

Woodhull Elementary School hopes this memorable field trip not only provided students with a valuable learning experience but also instilled a sense of civic responsibility and respect for the principles of justice and democracy.

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Date Added: 3/12/2024