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‘The Great Kapok Tree’

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Woodhull Elementary School recently played host to an enchanting live performance by third and fourth graders who brought “The Great Kapok Tree” to life on stage. The talented thespians, wearing meticulously crafted animal masks, transported the audience straight into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. From lively toucans to stealthy jaguars, each student’s portrayal of their character was a testament to their creativity and research.

The magic extended, however, beyond the lively costumes and spirited acting. At the play’s conclusion, the students seamlessly transitioned into educators, sharing insightful information about the real-life animals they had represented. The audience of students, staff and community members was treated to a mini lesson on the significance of preserving the rainforest and the unique roles these creatures play in maintaining the delicate balance of their ecosystem.

The students are to be commended for their outstanding performance and the dual impact of entertainment and education. Kudos to Mrs. Flaumenhaft for the guidance she provided to the students, the artistic talent of Mrs. Margolin who helped prepare the props and backdrop, Ms. Daidone for her assistance with the masks, Mrs. B for sharing of the gym, and the never-ending energy of the maintenance staff with helping with the stage setup. The collaboration between the students, teachers and staff culminated in a memorable performance that not only showcased the research and artistic prowess of Woodhull School’s young performers, but also underscored the importance of environmental awareness in the community.

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Date Added: 2/27/2024