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Bucket Fillers

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During Woodhull Elementary School’s All-School Meeting, students discussed with their peers the key lessons taught in “Have You Filled A Bucket Today,” a classic story which aims to teach children about the impact their actions have on others.

According to the lessons in this popular book, when we do something kind for someone, we fill their bucket, and in turn, our own. Likewise, we dip into someone’s bucket and make them feel bad when we accidently or purposely do something unkind.

Students learned during the assembly about what to do if we ever dip into someone’s bucket: start with an apology, follow up with actions that demonstrate their sincerity and give the other person time to recognize their efforts. The students also discussed how a collection of even simple kind acts can collect over time to impact a school, home, community and the world. The school also celebrates bucket fillers each morning and on a large bucket-filler bulletin board.

Date Added: 10/26/2023