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Classroom Music (Gr. PK – 6) The classroom offers a laboratory for musical exploration in which students can learn about performing, responding to, and creating music, as well as music history and (later) how to write about and research music. All students attend at least one period of classroom music per week.

Musical Theater (Gr. PK – 6) At least once per year, the entire school performs a short musical featuring music, drama, and dance, in the school gymnasium. Lead parts are cast according to auditions, but all students are featured in the production, and all rehearsals are conducted during school hours.

Ukulele Ensemble (Gr. 3) Students learn the ukulele as a way to develop music literacy and become familiar with concepts in music theory and ear training. The ukulele ensemble performs in the spring concert in conjunction with other students and/or as a solo group.

Concert Band (Gr. 4 – 6) Learning a concert band instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, or percussion) is a requirement of all students in fourth grade and above. Lessons for each instrument are offered during the school day. Students of these instruments (along with piano, voice, and others) are eligible to participate in the NYSSMA and SCMEA festivals (See p.4).

Piano Lessons (Gr. 5 – 6) A limited number of students (with preference given to grade 6) may also take 1-on-1 piano lessons during the school day at the discretion of their teachers and parents. Students without a piano or keyboard at home may lease a portable keyboard from the school for the academic year.

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