Exploring Artifacts

Two students, both holding artifacts. thumbnail254828
First and second grade students embarked on a journey through time. Armed with artifacts and antiques from their own home, the young historians delved into the rich tapestry of culture and change spanning centuries.

The classroom, and later the lunchroom, transformed into mini museums as students proudly displayed their treasures, each artifact a window into a bygone era. From antique baby utensils to coffee makers, butter churners and 45-inch records, every item told a unique story of its own.

As the students eagerly shared their findings, the room came alive with curiosity and wonder. Discussions unfolded naturally as the students connected the artifacts to historical contexts and explored how everyday objects evolve over time. The students and staff marveled at the intricate designs on a vintage coffee maker, comparing how different it looks from the sleek machines of today.

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Date Added: 2/6/2024