Student Library Helpers

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Library student helpers are learning the various tasks required to run the Woodhull School library. School and community librarian Bianca Daidone said the mostly fifth and sixth grade volunteers love to help and are genuinely interested in the many functions and systems involved in managing the library.

“They are extremely enthusiastic and take their jobs very seriously,” Ms. Daidone said.

Some tasks they perform but are not limited to include scanning in and processing returned books, reshelving returns, processing (checking in, stamping and labeling) new book orders, making sure shelves are correctly organized in Dewey Decimal System order and straightening the shelves. They also help Ms. Daidone select, remove and log weeded books and periodicals in the collection, pull books for current units, label books with genre stickers and help complete the annual inventory.

Ms. Daidone explained that being such an integral part in how the library runs really gives the student-volunteers a sense of propriety for the space and a deeper understanding and respect for books and literature.It also enhances their enjoyment of reading in general, as they help make the library a very comforting and enjoyable space in which to connect with a book.

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Date Added: 1/23/2024