Principal’s List Recognition

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As the district aims to celebrate individual growth and achievement, students are encouraged to continue working hard, take on challenges and apply themselves in their schoolwork to grow each trimester. That growth mindset will serve them well into the future.

The following students have attained academic, work habits and citizenship standards that qualify them for the Principal’s List designation for Trimester 1.

Marco Bessler
Cole Boyle
Lydon Cole
Riley Cole
Grayson Eddey
Thea Eddey
Layla Ferraro
Dylan Lippman

Fallyn Moran
Milana Scalise
Myla Scalise
Kai Sitone
Carter Smith
Soleil Straut
Rebecca Zahler

Honorable Mention: Mila Ferazzoli and Chase Martin

Date Added: 1/3/2024