Woodhull School

Woodhull School has classes for students Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6.  The Pre-Kindergarten program is from 8:00 AM-11:30 AM every day.  Students in Grades Kindergarten through Grade 6 attend school from 8:00 AM-2:35 PM. Woodhull is comprised of four  teams: the Primary Team, the Early Elementary Team,  the Elementary Team and the Intermediate Team.

In addition to general classroom instruction, students attend art, music, physical education, and library skills classes.  Speech, remedial reading, academic intervention services, counseling, and special education support is also available to students.  There are a wide variety of after-school activities and clubs, as well as cultural activities and field trips for our students.  The school also provides for a one-to-one laptop program that allows students access to the latest technology.

Our experienced teaching staff receives professional development on a regular basis and strives to meet the needs of all students.  Our students perform very well on national and state assessments, and we take pride in their success.


Current News

Sports Club for the Win

Sports Club for the Win

Woodhull Elementary School students are working to stay healthy as they take part in the building’s afterschool sports club.

As part of the club, the students will form “The Gulls” basketball team and participate in basketball games against other area schools.

The Gulls opened the season with a tremendous victory over the Emmanuel Lutheran School team and followed up with another victory against the West Sayville Christian School junior varsity team. The team has two squads that rotate in so everyone gets a chance to play, and indeed every student has already scored points.

While the teams do keep score, Gulls coach Anna Bainbridge does not. "Their teamwork and passing were terrific," she noted, preferring to concentrate on the quality of playing and sportsmanship rather than the quantity of points. Sixth-grader and point guard Aidan Oviedo-Torres commented that, "For our first time playing as a team, we shot very well and knew our role on the team."

Woodhull looks forward to more excellent playing in the remainder of the season.

A Study on Jazz

A Study on Jazz
One of the most treasured music genres – jazz – came to life for students at Woodhull Elementary School when they attended a concert and presentation on the life and music of Louis Armstrong at Lincoln Center.
At the concert, jazz vocalist Catherine Ellis narrated the life story of Armstrong interspersed with relevant performances of his work, including “When the Saints Go Marching In,” “Wild Man Blues” and “Hello Dolly.” Students learned how jazz developed from the group improvisation of the original New Orleans Dixieland style to the more personalized solo-driven style that Armstrong himself is credited with popularizing.

Students then traveled to Corona, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, to visit the house where Armstrong lived from 1943 until his death in 1971. The residence was preserved following the death of Armstrong’s wife in 1983, restored, and opened as a museum in 2003. There they toured the modest but luxurious home, listening to Armstrong’s own commentary on the home, the neighborhood, and music, taken from his many homemade audio recordings. For lunch the students ate at neighborhood favorite Taqueria Nixtamal, where they placed their orders in Spanish and enjoyed some of the city’s best Mexican fare.

Project: Clean Water

Project: Clean Water
Project: Clean Water 2
As part of their environmental education program, Woodhull Elementary School students recently delved into the deceptively basic challenge of obtaining clean drinking water.

After learning about the water supply around the world, and the crisis of clean water accessibility in many areas, students researched solutions in water sanitization and filtration. Applying concepts that they learned, they were tasked with designing and using their own filters to clean contaminated water. Using microscopes enabled them to determine the quality of the water both before and after.

Data from the filtered water is to be submitted to the World Water Monitoring Challenge, a project of the non-profit environmental group EarthEcho International.

A Musical Night

A Musical Night

Although the holiday season had already passed, the spirit of it was alive and well this January as Woodhull Elementary School students performed the musical “Elf,” which had been postponed from its original date of Dec. 20.

The schoolwide musical, based on the 2003 film and the 2010 Broadway musical of the same name, featured all students in every class and delighted the full-house audience. Sixth-grader Jason Philie gave a dynamic performance as Buddy, a human accidentally orphaned and raised in the North Pole as an elf who journeys to New York City in search of his father. Throughout the play, Buddy's charming naiveté made for moments of humor and pathos alike as he tries to fit in with his new family and especially his father Walter, a serious and busy executive played by sixth grader Thomas Brennan.

The students in the primary and early elementary grades cheerily played elves in the North Pole, and employees of Macy's dressed as elves, singing the carol "Deck the Halls" and the pop hit "Jingle Bell Rock." Other lead roles included Aidan Oviedo-Torres as Santa Claus, Malia Wendt as Walter's wife Emily, Jack Brennan as Walter's son Michael, and Joey Coleman as Walter's overbearing boss Mr. Greenway.

After the performance, the school held a ceremony for peace. A large wire sculpture of a dove made by nurse Janet Laviolette was unveiled on the stage and each student in the school placed a written "wish for peace" into it as they read their wish aloud to the audience.

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