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Woodhull School


Woodhull School has classes for students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 6 from 8:00am to 2:35pm every day. Woodhull is comprised of four teams: the Primary Team, the Early Elementary Team,  the Elementary Team and the Intermediate Team.

In addition to general classroom instruction, students attend art, music, physical education, and library skills classes.  Speech, remedial reading, academic intervention services, counseling, and special education support is also available to students.  There are a wide variety of after-school activities and clubs, as well as cultural activities and field trips for our students.  The school also provides for a one-to-one laptop program that allows students access to the latest technology.

Our experienced teaching staff receives professional development on a regular basis and strives to meet the needs of all students.  Our students perform very well on national and state assessments, and we take pride in their success.


Current News

Becoming Civically Engaged at Woodhull

Becoming Civically Engaged at Woodhull
Earlier this spring, Superintendent of Schools Loretta Ferraro, teacher on special assignment Philip Tamberino and classroom teacher Shannon Rickard facilitated a student meeting on the topic of student councils. 

Students in second through sixth grade gathered during lunch and viewed a presentation by Mr. Tamberino, which addressed basic information about how a student council functions and why. The students then participated in a discussion with each other and ultimately voted by secret ballot on whether to form a student council at Woodhull. 

The near-unanimous vote in favor of forming a student council gave way to elections of class representatives in the ensuing days, with Catherine Philippe representing grade two, Ariel Vizcarrondo representing grades three and four, and Jerzi Swanson representing grade six. The newly elected representatives have since met for an orientation with Mr. Tamberino, who is serving as the faculty adviser, and they are working on establishing bylaws for the organization as well as identifying areas for improvement within the school.

Young Inventors Recognized

Young Inventors Recognized photo
Woodhull Elementary School’s early elementary class teacher Karen McNulty has provided invention opportunities in her classroom each year for many years and, this year, she partnered with Eastern Suffolk BOCES technology integration specialist Deborah Gerken to give students the opportunity for their inventions to be recognized in the Spark!Lab InBae Yoon Invent It Challenge.
To participate in the contest, which is run by the Smithsonian Institution and Cricket Media, students had to create an invention that will improve the lives of aging adults. To begin the invention process the students first had to imagine, with empathy, the challenges older adults face. They identified a walking cane as an invention on which they could improve and then used their science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills to sketch, revise, prototype and eventually create the finished product: an all-weather walking cane with GPS, interchangeable handles, quick-release for height adjustment, an extra support for getting up out of a chair, and on-board lighting for seeing in the dark.

Contest entries were judged according to how well the invention lived up to the contest’s theme and also how faithfully the inventors followed the process guidelines. Mrs. McNulty and Mrs. Gerken used video to document the various stages of the invention process and ultimately submitted a 30-minute piece on the invention of “The Cane That Can,” which now appears on the contest website alongside other winners and honorable mention entries.

As a result of their work, the students’ group entry was one of five in its age division to receive honorable mention among the 235 total entries.