Becoming Civically Engaged at Woodhull

Becoming Civically Engaged at Woodhull  thumbnail120125
Earlier this spring, Superintendent of Schools Loretta Ferraro, teacher on special assignment Philip Tamberino and classroom teacher Shannon Rickard facilitated a student meeting on the topic of student councils. 

Students in second through sixth grade gathered during lunch and viewed a presentation by Mr. Tamberino, which addressed basic information about how a student council functions and why. The students then participated in a discussion with each other and ultimately voted by secret ballot on whether to form a student council at Woodhull. 

The near-unanimous vote in favor of forming a student council gave way to elections of class representatives in the ensuing days, with Catherine Philippe representing grade two, Ariel Vizcarrondo representing grades three and four, and Jerzi Swanson representing grade six. The newly elected representatives have since met for an orientation with Mr. Tamberino, who is serving as the faculty adviser, and they are working on establishing bylaws for the organization as well as identifying areas for improvement within the school.