A Reef of Readers

Celebrating Reading at Woodhull photo thumbnail114279

Woodhull Elementary School students and staff demonstrated their love of reading this March, as the school once again participated in the New York State PTA’s Pick a Reading Partner program, promoting reading through a monthlong series of activities and events.

During this annual event, the school designates a unifying theme for the program to enhance its more creative elements. This year’s theme is “Reader’s Reef,” with art created by students adorning the main hallway, as well as a vibrant mural by Board member and Fire Island parent Kate Skelly-Kurka. Students also received T-shirts featuring Pick a Reading Partner-themed artwork by Woodhull student Jaxson Adams. 

Throughout the month, students keep track of their reading at home, logging the number of minutes. They turn in these logs each week and advance their likeness on a large board in the hallway, which this year represents each student as an underwater sea creature. Students participate in literacy-promoting activities like karaoke, wearing gear that has writing on it to school, reading a story or poem to another student during recess or dressing up as a literary character. The month is traditionally kicked off with a schoolwide breakfast and closed with a schoolwide pizza party.