Teddy Bear Clinic

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On Friday June 8, Woodhull Health Services Director Janet LaViolette presented her latest "Teddy Bear Clinic," transforming the Woodhull gymnasium into a magical play clinic where students could learn about real health and hygiene practices, procedures, and related material. A quintessentially Fire Island event, Nurse Janet brings together staff with parents and community members in bringing a fun and memorable experience to students.

This year's clinic featured a handwashing station, a doll hospital, a boo-boo clinic, an "operation" room, yoga with the principal, a medical tech lab, a get well card making factory, a health newsstand, a healthy heart workshop, a body system puzzle, a music therapy drum circle, and storybook reading from the tooth fairy. There was also a craft center and a dress-up area which included lab coats, hospital scrubs, and bouffant caps, but also colorful wigs, hats, and glasses. An assortment of colorful fresh fruit and vegetables were also available at the aptly named "Rainbow Café"

The Teddy Bear Clinic started with Nurse Janet's thoughtful desire to educate students about the medical equipment and procedures they were likely to encounter on a typical visit to a doctor's office, to help alleviate any fears or anxieties, and continues this mission through today.