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In a novel undertaking by Woodhull Elementary School students and staff alike, the Fire Island school has made a donation of books, supplies and clothing to a fellow elementary school far across the globe in northwestern Guyana.

The project was initiated based on a conversation between Woodhull bus driver Titus Francis and Woodhull teacher Shannon Rickard – a conversation that focused on how the schools in Mr. Francis’ native country of Guyana were in need of supplies. From there, Ms. Rickard began thinking of ways to help and how this cause could be a learning experience for students, especially as it connected to the “Sharing the Planet” unit underway.

With the support of the entire school, Mr. Francis connected the teachers with Guyana Aid Region One, an organization that specializes in aid to the northwestern part of the country; a region where Mr. Francis lived until the 1990s.

Once the connection was made, Woodhull students collectively drafted a letter to the Region One organization formally indicating their desire to donate and asking the organization if they would ship the donated materials to Guyana. The students then gathered nearly 100 children’s books, more than 100 school supplies and more than 100 articles of clothing for boys and girls, which they delivered to the GARO office in Rosedale, Queens.

Per the teachers’ arrangement with GARO, the donations will go directly to the Hosororo Hill Primary School in Hosororo, Guyana, where Mr. Francis was once a student.