More than a hundred pieces of student artwork were on display this May in the gymnasium for students, family, friends, staff and community members to enjoy as part of Woodhull's annual Student Art Exhibition.

Following a warm introduction by Fire Island Superintendent of Schools Loretta Ferraro, Woodhull's art teacher Bianca Hansen welcomed attendees and praised the students for their efforts. She encouraged the adults to follow the students' lead through the exhibition and listen to them describe their work, which included several projects from each student spanning from the beginning of the school year until recent weeks. The works included paintings and drawings in various media, sculptures and collage.

Perhaps the most exciting project on display was a collaborative effort with students from Havana, Cuba, which was coordinated by Ms. Hansen and BOCES instructor Deborah Gerken. The display included canvas paintings by Fire Island students juxtaposed with those of the Cuban students, done in the same dimensions and media. The art was accompanied by photos of each student and a handwritten description of the work, which was based on the theme "What Makes Me Happy?"